Flow Calc

Flow Calc 16.0

A program for calculating common Open Channel Flow hydraulic characteristics
16.0.16 (See all)
John R. Hamilton

Flow Calc is a program that calculates common open channel flow hydraulic characteristics.
This program uses the Manning´s Equation methods, and can calculate the values needed to obtain steady uniform flow through both regular and irregular channel geometries, that can include circular and elliptical pipes. It is a valuable tool for Civil Engineers.

You can perform your calculations including them into projects. You will have a list of circular and elliptical pipes, with different diameters (in English or Standard International units), to select them, and include them in your calculations. The projects can include several documents, that you can duplicate if you need to do that. By entering the needed data (Manning N, Channel Slope, Normal Deep, Discharge), the program will be able to calculate the Water Surface Elevation, Flow Area, Wetted Perimeter, Velocity and other useful data. At the bottom of the screen the program will draw a scheme of the flow.

The trial version of this program can be used for free during ten sessions of half an hour each one.

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